Thera Barre Masterclass: Learn to move your body with focus, precision, and strength

Whether dancing to classical, modern, jazz or hip-hop music, dancers require a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility to bring the music to life through their bodies. When thinking of a dancer’s flexibility, most people only consider flexibility in the legs, waist and back, but because everything is connected you must stretch and strengthen your entire body. Dancers in the know use a tool called Theraband, an elastic latex band, to help work on strengthening and coordinating muscle groups within their range of motion. Used in combination with the barre, this class will consists of high energy, low impact and effective exercise variations that focus on precision and technique.

If you are ready to master the control over your movements, and maximize your extension and rotation then join us for our Thera Barre Masterclass. 

Class Level:  Intermediate/Advanced
Prerequisites: 9 years old and up, 3+ years of dance
Tuition: $25 ($20 for current students)
Date: Saturday, Jan. 20 at 12:00-1:30 PM

Ellen wilcox

Ellen wilcox

Ellen Wilcox has been dancing since she was very young. She trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and modern until the age of 14 when she began to focus solely on ballet. Ellen graduated from Texas A&M with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Dance Science. During her time at A&M, Ellen worked as the Assistant Ballet Director at Center Stage Productions in Bryan. After college, Ellen moved to Austin where she trained in and taught ballet, ballroom, and social dance.