Mastering Trick Steps with Xavier Alcala-Herrera

Saturday, September 28

Do you want to improve your tap skills? In this one time Master tap dance class for you will learn to move your feet like you’ve never moved them before!  Develop and grow your arsenal of tap dancing tricks. 

You will learn moves that will get the audience clapping every time! After you get some of these steps under our belt we will throw them into a piece of choreography and you will see how fast your feet can really move. In just one lesson you will see amazing results that will impress you and your friends.

Beginning Tap

In this beginner level tap class you will begin working on the fundamentals of trick steps.  You will work on loosening up our ankles and strengthening your legs to prepare for the power and agility required to execute solid and clean trick steps such as the Shiggy Bop, Flying Morigerato, firecrackers, and double pullbacks just to name a few.  

Class Level: Beginning
Prerequisites: 1 year of tap
Tuition: $20 ($15 for current students)
Date: Saturday, Sept. 28 at 3:30 - 4:30 PM

Intermediate/Advanced Tap

In the intermediate tap dance class for kids and adults we’re going to take your pullbacks and wings to the next level.  You'll work on single, double, syncopated, in-and-out wings and pullbacks.  You are going to combine them into a routine so you'll  feel exactly the kind of power and control required to throw these exciting moves into a piece of choreography. Be prepared to sweat and look amazing!

Class Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Prerequisites: Intermediate Tap Skills
Tuition: $20 ($15 for current students)
Date: Saturday, Sept. 28 at 4:30-5:30 PM

Xavier Alcala-Herrera

Xavier Alcala-Herrera

From a very young age Xavier has been dancing every chance he gets.

Having grown up locally in Bryan/College Station, he trained at Center Stage Productions with Diana and Ellen Wilcox and Sharon Toups, as well as traveling regularly to train with professionals all over the country.

His training and performance experience include Ballet, Tap Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip hop, Country Western and Musical Theater.

As well as a dancer, Xavier is a singer, actor, recently you may have seen him in a number of main stage productions in Houston, TX, at Theatre Under the Stars, including Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Urban Cowboy, and Yankee Doodle Dandy, or maybe in an off-Broadway NYC show or Disney’s Camp Rock the Musical and My Son Pinocchio.

Some of his teaching experience includes teaching at Theatre Under the Stars and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts as well as teaching under the instruction of Acia Gray, Jason Samuel Smith, Anthony Morigerato, Jason Janas, Mike Minery, and many more.