Mark your calendars!

Picture Weekend will take place April 12-13 


Picture Weekend is scheduled, and we are very excited to be working once again with Daniela Weaver Photography! Please take some time to review all the information regarding Picture Day Weekend. Also, please take a moment to look over the information Daniela’s provided here and here. Similar to last year, proofs will be printed and presented to parents shortly after photos are taken meaning orders can be placed on the same day.

Take a peek at the schedule and note when your dancer’s class will be taking their pictures. 

A few things to remember:

  • Dancers need to arrive 10 minutes before their first photo, dressed in full costume, hair done, and makeup on. Don’t forget the appropriate dance shoes and accessories.

  • If you are not ordering pictures, we still encourage you to participate so that your dancer can be a part of their class picture

  • Parents are not allowed in the room where pictures are being taken. This is to make sure that we are staying on schedule so that each class gets their full time with Daniela. Their teacher will be with them, and will make sure that dancers are on their best behavior.

  • Due to the sheer volume of people and students, bathrooms CANNOT be used for costume changes during Picture Weekend.

  • Make up pictures will be Tuesday, May 7. Limited spots are available, you can reserve a spot here.

Please keep in mind that these pictures may be used in the recital program, and around the studio, so please make sure your dancer is in attendance. If you are unable to attend pictures, please let your dancer’s teacher know so that we aren’t waiting on them.  

What to Expect
Picture Day is a very fast and busy time at the studio, to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience, please take the time to read the following:


  • Be sure to arrive 10 minutes prior to your dancers scheduled time dressed in their first costume. Find your class and wait patiently and quietly for your dancers class to be called.

Picture Time

  • Once your dancer’s class is called, parents are to stay in the designated area.

  • Dancers will be lead to the front studio to take their individual photo followed by their group photo.

  • Parents are not allowed into the studios during this time

If your dancer is a part of a Starlettes, Rising Starlettes, or Rising Stars class, they will need to change their skirt and accessories. Please use this time to prepare those things.

**Please note that if a child is upset and we are unable to calm them down, we will have to move on to the next student. However, the dancer is always welcome to try again once they have calmed down***

Changing Between Photos

  • If your dancer is in more than one class and will need to change between photos, we will have designated changing rooms for boys and girls.

  • Please do not leave any belongings in the changing rooms as these will be used by many dancers in the studio.

After Photos

  • Once photos have been taken, Daniela’s team will print a physical proof for you to look over. This does take a few minutes, so be prepared to stick around for a little while after your dancer’s final picture. If you’re unable to stay, we will keep the proofs at the front desk for you to pick up at your next class. You can review pricing and order forms here

  • Make up pictures will be Tuesday, May 7. Limited spots are available, you can reserve a spot here.

Picture Day Schedule:
By class day, with the photo time to the side.


If you need help or a little extra guidance, see our short video for tips.