Did you know you could practice your leaps on the trampoline?

Did you know you could practice your leaps on the trampoline?

Check out these top ten reasons to use a trampoline such as reducing stress, improving lymphatic system, strengthening muscles, improved balance and weight loss. Bottom line, jumping improves countless functions of the body.

Here’s a great holiday workout to keep you in shape and to maintain your flexibility.

1.      Start with a warm up of jumps and sit drops for 5 minutes.

2.      Toe Touches: reach for your toes in second position, straight knees.

3.      Press Leap or sissone leap: Jump from 2 feet to the biggest first arabesque you can.

4.      Stag Leap or Ring Leap: like a sissone jump from 2 feet but to parallel attitude arabesque, arms in high fifth.

5.      C jump: from 2 feet jump and reach both feet to your head, arms in high fifth or high allonge.

The staff at Excersize.com believe

If you are wondering if using your trampoline for exercise a beneficial thing, then the short answer is yes. This is a bit of a surprise to many people considering that a trampoline is considered more of an entertainment item than a piece of fitness equipment.

However, the reality is that using a trampoline, either in a very tactfully and deliberate way or just getting on it and horsing around, is actually very good for your body.