Why Take a Summer Ballet Intensive

Make significant progress! Improve faster! Maintain your flexibility and strength!

Pure Energy offers a Summer Ballet Intensive that address the needs of developing dancers in the crucial time between academic years. Developing their body, extending their technique, and enhancing their artistry, the ballet intensive is a must for students who would like to audition for The Nutcracker, be a part of a dance team, or maintain the skills and levels they have achieved through the spring.

Students who come to class freshly rested in the morning, without other distractions like school work and extracurricular activities, and who have quality meals are aptly ready for extended and intensive training. A comprehensive day of training for several hours can have far greater impact than a year’s long study once a week. This kind of focus can address flexibility and strength in ways a yearlong course cannot. Consistent body placement corrections and technique refinement allows for enhanced muscle memory.

Without summer dance, training suffers, bodies atrophy, and the cognitive skills stall. In the ballet intensive, dancers can be assured of training optimization, supple and relaxed muscles-less vulnerable to injury, and an engaged mind, practicing memory patterning and musical sequencing. All things that can go soft over the summer with no exposure.

Additionally, months of work can be accomplished within hours or days, allowing a deeper as well as wider range of ballet content. All dancers can make huge strides in the summer ballet intensive, whether their focus is team work, performance, or staying strong.  

Register today for Summer Intensives with our Artist in Residence, Ballet Austin Company Dancer Jaime Lynn Witts.