How Lin-Manuel Miranda Has Changed Broadway with Musicals That Are Relative to the Masses, Popular Culture, and Speak to Minorities

It usually takes a simple action backed with profound emotion to bring about change. Miranda had a lot of passion in history to spare; he brought a massive change to Broadway with his hip-hop musical “Hamilton”, the story is based on the founding father Alexander Hamilton. The show accomplishes the extraordinary feat of stirring up genuine interest in a figure whose accomplishments are particularly familiar to history students and lovers of history, but not so much to the everyone else. A bastard immigrant from the West Indies, he became a key figure in the American Revolution and the adoption of the U.S constitution, served as the nation’s first secretary of the treasury, and was shot dead as a still-young man in an infamous duel with vice president Aaron Burr. The tragic end becoming what is remembered of the great man.

History is always there to teach us but we tend to forget the lessons to be learnt from history. Hamilton brought to light this extraordinary story that tells a story similar to what is going on now in such a way that people see themselves in the act. The story shows that the History of America is not complete without the inclusion of the blacks and the Hispanics. Miranda exposed the roles Hamilton an immigrant himself played in national history. Their racially diverse casts are geared specifically towards making history as relatable as possible. The mixed cast further challenged the perception that Broadway’s nickname as the Great White Way refers to as the color of the actors on stage.
The tide of changes brought by Miranda didn’t end there, before now, bridging rap and musical theatre has been unsuccessful as seen in Tupac-inspired musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me”, Miranda’s Hamilton however did something close to unexpected, it has a seamless integration of rap and storytelling. With the release of Hamilton, it is expected that subsequent hip hop musicals will be released in the near future. Which is a huge advance in getting the masses interested in what's going on Broadway. 

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Miranda brought American culture to the forebear, he reminded the people of the history they ignored, of the lessons to be learnt and most importantly, the pride they should have in being a part of the great nation. Hamilton is a tool of change, the highest selling musical of the recent age and a teacher of true liberty. There is little doubt that the story has a potential of changing how Americans think of the earlier republic and how they view the musical theatre. 

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