5 Reasons Why Barre is the New Fitness Craze

Targeting posture, strength and alignment, Barre is a ballet inspired workout designed to sculpt long lean muscles  and improve overall flexibility. combining elements of Pilates, yoga, dance and interval training, Barre exercises target all muscle groups, but focus on the core, back and inner and outer leg strength. Here are some reasons Barre is the new fitness craze! 

1.    It is effective way to get lean and tone the body:
Barre does not need more than five workout classes before you begin to see the changes. The exercises involves a small, controlled movements (isometric contractions), including pulses and squeezes to fatigue the targeted muscles. Repeated fatigue of these muscles forces them to tone (I call this marinating!). One hour spent doing a barre workout can effectively fatigue every single muscle in the body!

2.    Weight loss with no risk of injury:
While other workouts may lead to loss of weight, injuries can occur due to high intensity or heavy equipment involved. Barre is a low impact form of exercise significantly reducing the risk of injury. Its muscle targeted exercises burn calories, the bigger the muscles the bigger the calories burnt out. With consistent barre workouts the muscle begin to form lean muscle mass, which increases the metabolic rate, creating an even bigger calorie burn. 

3.    No experience is needed, but intense for any level
Are you a complete novice to working out? If you are worried you won't fit in because you have no prior dance training, or that you can't keep up, rest assured the instructors are more than capable of meeting your needs. They will coach you through the movements and give insightful feedback for you to get the best workout for you. Are you an experienced exerciser or dancer? The workout is always intense, no matter what level you are; there will always be a new challenge to reach for. Because Barre instructors are certified and knowledgeable about exercise and the body it's even safe for pregnant women to participate!  

4.    It increases flexibility:
Many workout focus on strength, agility, endurance etc, but not many focus on flexibility. Through dynamic stretching and toning, an improved range-of-motion is one of the greatest benefits Barre participants notice. With every stretch, the muscles are elongated and bulk is reduced as a muscle tones. Flexibility allows you to enjoy, active life free of injuries.

 5.    It is a fun workout:
It's a fun way to work out! Fun music accompanies the workout, the exercises, challenge the brain and body and burn so good, time just seems to go faster. Many workouts push endurance to the limit but a Barre workout will push your endurance for sure all while you can't help but have some fun! 

If you live near Bryan TX, College Station TX and are looking to get the body of a dancer check out barre fitness. We have many adult barre fitness dance classes available to fit your schedule. You might find that dance inspired fitness is a great fit for you when other forms of fitness fall short.