What Activity Can Help Your Child Get Ahead in School?

Dance is regarded as fun fun fun all the way. But can something as enjoyable as dance help your child do better in school? The short answer to that is Yes! If you are in doubt, this article will convince you. Here are a few ways dance will help your child get ahead in school. 

Dancers are confident risk takers.
Dance encourages kids to give a task a shot regardless of how daunting it may appear, rather than running or hiding out of fear. In and out of the classroom, the ability to take risks will help a child perform well.

Dance is a form of non-verbal language.
Dancing is a type of language that boosts a child's literacy. He/she learns to interpret movements and create them too. This form of language can boost a child's speed of learning verbal language.

Dance enhances memory.
Following steps and sequences in dance classes improves a child's ability to memorize. Children are expected to memorize dance steps and movements quickly. As children do this, they are able to improve their memorization skills in the classroom and this will carry over to other parts of their lives too.

Dance improves mental dexterity.
More often than not a child that dances has the ability to absorb, hold and release information quicker than one that doesn't. Dance calls for rehearsal and repetition which require mental dexterity than any other art. Children learn to absorb concepts and ideas better when they dance. This ability doesn't leave them after stepping out of the dance studio, it continues with them for a longtime.

Dancers are excellent observers.
Dance teaches children to observe and pay attention to details. A child that starts taking dance lessons at a tender age will typically grow into a very observant adult- one that studies the moods and actions of others; changes in the environment and just about everything else. 

Dancers are taught to listen and watch more than speak.
Dance requires that children listen to their teacher, to other playing music, to their fellow dancers and to the sound of their steps. This creates good listening skills in a child which will help him/her communicate and understand better in school. It will help a child perform better in the classroom as he/she learns to listen to teachers and flow better in the classroom.

Dance builds confidence in a child.
As classrooms are typically large, most children tend to get lost and may fear speaking up or calling on the teacher's attention. This isn't so with children that dance. Dance requires that every dancer not only knows the steps and sequences but perfects them, hence in the dance studio, kids are encouraged to call on the attention of the dance teacher whenever they start feeling lost. This confidence stays with the child in and out of the dance studio.

Dancers are problem solvers.
Dance education teaches creativity and skill to a child. He/she learns that there are different approaches to solving a task. These kids tend to be relentless and excellent team players that would stick out their necks to see that whatever task is laid before them gets solved.

Dancers are excellent multi-taskers.
Dance requires a higher order of thinking skills and coordination- one which once a child gets, he/she will have it for life.
There is this misconception that dance is for only kids that plan on going into dance as a career. This couldn't be further from the truth as dance will help a kid improve in and out of the dance studio and especially in the classroom. If you live near Bryan TX, College Station TX, enroll your child into a dance studio and experience all the good things dance has to offer.