What is Ballet Dance?

Ballet dance is generally accepted all over the world as one of the most artistic forms of dance entertainment cherished by people of all ages. It is believed to have originated from the Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th century. The term "ballet" originates from the Italian word "ballare" meaning "to dance". Afterwards, it went through further artistic improvement and became a concert dance in France in the 17th century. It was subsequently embraced by the Russians in the mid – 18th century.

During its early years, ballet dance was often presented on proscenium stages as the viewers sat comfortably on a small raised podium up to a height suitable for view. The type of music played was classical music which filled the auditorium for the pleasure of not only the dancers but everyone present. At first, dancers wore layers and layers of costuming, masks, large headdresses, pantaloons and dancing shoes with small heels. As appealing to the the eyes as these were, turning, curtsying, sliding and hopping would have been relatively uncomfortable for the dancers.

What Is Ballet?

Ballet is said to be a combination of choreography and art, scenic design, lighting, costume, graceful movements and usually solemn music. It is an artistic dance like no other, that can be used to express different emotions or to tell a story. Traditional classical ballet dance which was choreographed with elaborate costumes and staging has been replaced by the modern ballet dance styles which creates room for a variety of ballet dance forms. Some forms of ballet dance include classical ballet, contemporary ballet, neoclassical ballet and post-structural ballet dance.

Just as the dance itself has experienced changes over the years, ballet shoes have too. They have evolved from what they were to a more comfortable and lightweight form. The new ballet shoes are built with a hard square-shaped material at the tip end of the toes to offer greater support, easy tiptoeing and restrain friction during movement. 

Learning Ballet

Ballet dance, like every other form of dance is not hard to learn once you have identified your passion for it. Enrolling in a dance studio and frequently attending dance lessons will do the trick. You can start now to build your aspired ballet skills. If you live in or near Bryan TX, College Station TX, there are dance studios you can enrol in.

How Soon Should You Start?

For ballet and other forms of dance, the earlier you start the better. If you have a toddler who seems interested in ballet, wait till he/she is potty trained, confident and strong enough to attend dance classes. 

A Peek Into The Ballet Life

Ballet dance scholars are of the opinion that there are three golden rules, necessary for learning ballet. The rules are as follows.

 -         Turn everything out
 -         If the feet are not on the floor, they should always be pointed.
 -         If the legs are not bent, they should be completely stretched out.

If you think, you or your child would make a good ballet dancer, quickly get enroll or enroll him/her into a dance studio and start attending dance lessons.