Boys Can Dance Too

Your son dances?! Why not soccer, football or even boxing? Where did the notion that dance is for girls only come from. Over the years and decades, different rules and expectations have been tied to boyhood or manhood and the so called boys-shouldn't-be-caught-dead-dancing rule is just one of such. If you have this view or if you have a child or ward that loves to or wants to dance... The following words should help you see that it's not only an ''okay idea'' but a fantastic one for boys to dance- especially if they are willing and able to. Boys can be equally great at it.

Why Boys Are Equally Great At It.

Take a second to think about why a boy can't or shouldn't dance. Are boys less flexible? Do they have less stamina? Are they less cooperative or creative? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding no, in so many cases, we discover that boy dancers possess these qualities more than their female counterparts. So if a girl can do it, a boy can too!

Boys also have a way of adding a needed twist to everything by altering the momentum, force and power during dance lessons. Boys are capable of impressive stunts and lifts that add spice to the whole dance session. They also possess endurance and stamina and understand the importance of team work so they help to bring balance into the dance studio. Suggesting that one gender be excluded from something as useful as dance for no other reason as ''it just doesn't seem/feel right'' would be depriving boys and dance itself of the beauty, balance and creativity it would have on the contrary.

Why Boys Should Be Encouraged To Dance.

·      Job Opportunities For Him: Contrary to popular opinion, dance is a great career path for girls and boys alike... More so for boys as there aren't as many boys into dance as a profession.

·      It Builds Confidence: From having to dance in front of people to having to interact with fellow dancers from different backgrounds, dance is a sure fire way to build self-esteem and confidence in your male child. Being able to dance and get the audience's applause will help your son experience self-worth and to appreciate his skills and himself. What about the negative comments and side talks... As your son learns to be the very best version of a dancer he can be, he wouldn't care about the opinions of others. What better way is there to build self-esteem and confidence!

·      It Improves His Coordination. Dance improves coordination for other sports, for learning to ride a bike, playing video games, learning instruments and just about everything else. It also improves his flexibility, posture and balance.

·      It Makes Him Physically and Psychologically Fit: Dance helps develop his muscles, strengthen them and build his core. It wards off disease conditions and keeps him healthy. It also eliminates stress and improves his mood making him sound in body and mind.

·      It Builds Character: Dance requires team work, patience, discipline, endurance, creativity, self-confidence, cooperation and these are qualities your son picks up as he starts attending dance lessons. Also, going to the dance studio keeps him preoccupied hence he doesn't get involved in irrelevant activities.

·      Dance Is Unspeakably Cool And Fun: Don't believe anyone that says otherwise! If your son is interested in it... Be supportive and let him experience all that dance has to offer to him.

In Bryan TX, College Station TX and all over the world, the number of boys taking dance classes has experienced exponential growth over the years...  So yes, boys can dance too!