Adult Dance Classes

FREE First Dance Class! It’s our treat! Plus, enjoy FREE childcare for ALL classes. Drop in anytime and find a new way to move your body!

Dance classes are for adults too! Choose from "Mommy & Me" style classes (We call them "Me & My Star") for new mommies that could use that extra little help to get your figure back, or a barre class for fitness without the gym. You'll love adult dance classes for fitness, flexibility, and fun!

Fitness without the gym!

Pursue a lifetime of fitness through dance. Our adult dance classes are open to all levels and abilities. Each class works to promote full body engagement, core strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. We teach you, we push you, and we always have fun! Don’t let your body plateau with the same old fitness routine. Change it up! Connect with your body, surprise it, and see a new change! 


Adult Dance Class Pricing:
(Punch Cards)

12 monthly classes - $120
8 monthly classes - $90
4 monthly classes - $50
1 class per month - $15


Take Advantage of Unlimited Classes for Just:



Targeting posture, strength, and alignment this dancer inspired workout is designed to sculpt long lean muscles and improve overall flexibility. You are sure to come out standing taller and feeling energized. 


Monday - 9:30 AM
Wednesday - 9:30 AM



Beginning Ballet
     Monday - 12:00 PM
     Friday - 12:00 PM
Intermediate Ballet
     Friday - 10:45 AM



Known for its grace and being the foundation of many other dance styles, ballet gives a dancer the ability to build proper control, strength, and flexibility. 


Dance For Musical Theatre

Pulling music and movement from popular musicals, this class is just plain fun! Each class will focus on learning a short routine that is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Musical Theatre improves muscle memory and coordination. Thespians looking to improve their dance skills and enter an audition with confidence will love this particular class!


Wednesday - 12:00 PM



Hip Hop

Using current popular hip hop music this class is sure to be a full body workout! Utilizing both fluid movement, and body isolations, hip hop is a fun way to get your blood pumping while finding the freedom to express yourself in a fun new way! 


Thursday - 12:00 PM



Contemporary / Modern

Classes start Wednesday, October 5th! Inspired by lyrical and modern dance this up and coming dance style focuses on freedom of expression. You'll learn to utilize contractions and release, extension, control, balance and breath to dance new eclectic style.



Wednesday - 6:00 PM




Tuesday - 12:00 PM



Utilizing upbeat popular jazz music gives a dancer the ability to develop strength, flexibility, and agility, while keeping it sassy and fun. 

Dance Classes for Kids in Bryan College Station Texas Mommy and Me & My Star.jpg

Me & My Star (12 to 24 Months with Caregiver)

Toddlers and caregivers explore dance together through movement based exercises, games, stories, imaginative play and music. More than a dance class for kids, this is a dance class for toddlers. You really can learn to dance at any age.

Attire: Comfortable Clothes, Bare Feet


Tuesdays - 9:30 - 10:00 AM



Recital Fee: $50
(Includes Free T-Shirt)
Costume Fee: $50